Sex, Sexuality & Sexual Identity

Are you experiencing issues, problems and/or challenges in regard to sex, sexuality and/or your sexual identity? Do those worries prevent you from having a healthy sex life or cause friction(s) with your partner(s)? Then there will be a moment in life that you and your partner(s) could benefit from a qualified counsellor that listens, helps and guides you. 


My name is Djev Swaen, I live in Belgium and I offer online sex counselling for singles and couples.

I've studied communication for one year and have my degree in Sex Counselling and Practical Psychology.
Currently I'm studying system therapy and PMA-method.

I'm looking forward to help you achieve a more satisfying sex life and aid you in understanding your sexuality and/or sexual identity.

I support the whole of the LGBTQIAS+ community warmheartedly. 

Lesbian - Gay - Bisexual - Transsexual - Queer/Questioning - Intersex - Asexual - Straight

The + stands for those that do not identify with any of the above mentioned.

Additionally I'm also offering sex counselling for disabled people, people who are in prison, people with psychological challenges and those that feel they experience controversial sex-related thoughts.
In these cases I will work closely with your physician, doctor, MD, mentor, psychologist and/or psychiatrist.

In all cases it's recommended to keep your doctor as your primary contact in regard to your (mental) health and well being. 

I chose the name iam0pen because that is what I am when topics are about sex, sexuality and sexual identity.


 No Taboos!


What can you expect from iam0pen's online sex counselling?

I implement system therapy in all sessions so clients can learn to get a better understanding of themselves and their significant others in regard to sex, sexuality and sexual identity and with it become more open in accepting new attitudes and feelings. This to improve your sex life and become more knowledgeable about your sexuality and/or sexual identity. Sex counselling is not to be seen as a magic pill or a quick solution. It is a learning process which requires participation and investment from both the client and the counsellor to achieve a positive outcome.

Types of Sessions

There are different ways that we can communicate.

It is up to you which method you prefer. 

Video conferences

Skype - Whatsapp - Discord​-- Zoom


+32 479 07 84 05

+32 9 330 45 44




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